“Remote Access Authorization” Quick Guide


Would you feel better if before you lay hands (virtual or otherwise) on your client’s computer, you knew they had a clear understanding and their written permission?

This form and procedure help you do just that.  It formalizes your authorization to touch their computer and gives you the opportunity to discuss any client concerns and alternatives in advance, if necessary.

And it’s all done for you!  Ready to use in your business right away.


1.  Remote Access Authorization – PROCEDURE (PDF and Word)
2. Remote Access Authorization – BLANK FORM (Word)

Bonus = Remote Access Authorization – CHECKLIST (PDF and Word)



Remote Access Authorization – Quick Guide

Purpose: To make sure client understands about remote access and that you have their written consent to remotely access their computer or be able to discuss other remote options.

Functionality: Use as is, or as a solid starting point that you can fine tune to match your own brand and policies.


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