Do you ever feel like the ideas are coming faster than you can possibly take action upon? Or do you get stuck knowing what the next step should be on a big project? Having a tool in your toolbox that can help mitigate these common solopreneurial issues is indispensible.

Introducing Workflowy.

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It’s such an easy list making tool that you’ve gotta love it for it’s simplicity alone! But don’t let that fool you 🙂 Workflowy is no pushover.

The main purpose I’ve been using it is for planning. Also known as brainstorming or brain dumping. It helps me gather my thoughts into organized actionable bite size steps. But before I even get to that mental point of reasonableness, I am able to just let it flow and see where it goes. Then, and only then, I reign it all in. Workflowy makes this creative AND logical process merge in a natural way that produces results.

Workflowy has many uses for photo organizers. Here are some:

1. You can break down any client or admin project.
2. You can break down any process within a project.
3. You can track monthly goals.
4. You can strategize for marketing.
5. You can plan out social media.
6. You can track income targets by month.
7. You can line up monthly or quarterly promotions.
8. You can line up networking events.
9. You can set up speaking engagements.
10. You can set up workflows for various client activities.
11. You can figure out pricing strategy.
12. You can prepare PowerPoint presentation outline and script.

There are SO many other photo organizer uses for Workflowy. But every person and business is different. So I invite you to watch the short video below to find out a little more and see if Workflowy might be a good fit for you and your business, worth investigating further. So far, it’s working out nicely for me and I just had to share it with you 🙂


Keep it Simple… Keep it Remote!

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