Hello and welcome to the Digital Photo-Life Academy blog!  My name is Sylvia Cuillo, owner of PhotosOrganized, and immediately part of the value proposition that I bring to my clients is that I specialize in providing remote digital photo organizing services. And I am happy to add this new arm to my business, called Digital Photo-Life Academy, where I offer some of the knowledge and tools I’ve gained through the past few years to my bright fellow photo organizers who are interested in learning more about offering remote services too.

As a Personal Photo Organizer, you know that photo organizing is a highly personal service and one of the first things you might be wondering is if working remotely with clients successfully is even possible. After all, we are talking about touching the intimate stories and deep connections among individuals, family members and communities. We all know this can be extremely personal and not to be taken lightly.

For sure, this is a legitimate question to be asking ourselves individually, as well as collectively as an emerging industry. Can photo organizing be done remotely, while abiding to our high standards of excellence? 

To be sure, the answer to that question lies foremost in the needs of our clients. That is where we need to start.  There is a clear problem at the purely practical level: people are overwhelmed with the amount of their photos and the different places they are contained.

It is this overwhelm and meeting people where they are, that dictates to us where and how we will solve our client’s photo disarray problem. For some clients, working with them onsite is best. But for others, working remotely is best. And if we try to mix the two, that is serve the onsite client remotely or the remote client onsite, it would not be the ideal situation for the experience nor possibly even the outcome.

Next we follow that with the technology that is available today. In this digital age and with the further help of the Internet, the tools exist, readily, to bridge the geographical distances that once would have precluded any such discussion.

And finally, to get to the bottom of the remote question, we add our own preferential style and skills. If we have an aversion to technology ourselves, then the option of directly helping clients remotely may be limited or precluded altogether.

Thus to answer the question of remote services feasibility and quality, there are 3 determinant components:

1. Client needs/demands
2. Technology
3. Photo Organizer preferential style and skills

As Photo Organizers and entrepreneurs we need to be innovative and offer solutions to the photo problems around us. Remote services, given the 3 points above, are not only possible, but are already happening everyday. This is true not only of our industry but also in many other service industries across the globe.

So the question is not IF photo organizing services can really be done remotely. That is a foregone conclusion. The REAL question is whether we are properly matching clients, technology and our own preferential style and skill sets.  In other words, whom do you want to serve?  Whom do you wish to attract?

Keep it simple… Keep it Remote!
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